Mandela coins

Mandela coins are in demand these days. Most of the buyers buy coins online. see if they are willing buyers at decent prices. one can then always try the internet. just be careful, as there is much hype on the mandela r5 coins; people will burn their fingers.

the proof versions are also by number of only 5 000 minted with the exception of the finest known rare r5 mandela coins the most rare mandela coins of the entire series. we are projecting that proof 70 birthday mandela coins will sell for r450 000 at the end of the year around r1 million by the end of 2015.

S A COIN is the largest rare coin company in South Africa. They have been in business for around 25 years. In that time they have developed the market for South African rare coins from a small sized cottage industry market to being valued at over R1.1 billion rand. They took South Africa’s rarest coin the single 9 from a value of R600 000 in 1996 to a value and sale of R4 650 000 through S A COIN in 1998. Today the Single 9 is valued at R50 million rand.

The bimetallic R5 circulation coin is central to this range, enabling the South African public and coin collectors to celebrate the centenary year of Mandela’s birth. The coin goes into circulation in July 2018, the month in which Mandela was born.

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